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Privacy Policy

Privacy is a serious issue. This page tells you how Trinity College deals with your personal data and its security.

This policy statement relates to Trinity College (ABN 39 485 211 746) and to the Trinity College Foundation (ABN 80 463 885 316).


At Trinity College we recognise that your privacy is very important to you; it is to Trinity College as well. We collect personal information provided by and about people. By personal information we mean information or an opinion about a person whose identity is apparent or can reasonably be ascertained. We are bound by, and committed to supporting, the Information Privacy Principles (IPPs) set out in the Information Privacy Act 2000 (Vic).

We believe that this Statement will address any potential concerns you may have about how personal information you provide to Trinity College is collected, held, used, corrected, disclosed and transferred. You can obtain more information, upon request, about the way we manage the personal information that we hold. If you seek any further information please contact us in one of the ways set out below.


Our aim is to both support, and ensure that we comply with, the Information Privacy Principles that form the basis of laws introduced to strengthen privacy protection for the general public.


In the course of our activities we collect and hold personal information about present students, their parents/guardians, alumni, staff and other individuals. This information is required to assist the College in providing courses of study and services which enable us to fulfil our mission.

We will only collect personal information from you by lawful and fair means, without being unreasonably intrusive. Where reasonable and practicable we will only collect personal information about an individual from that individual.

In some circumstances, we may be provided with personal information about an individual from a third party, for example, by a present student about a parent. If we collect personal information about an individual from someone else, we will take reasonable steps to notify that individual that the information has been collected, the purpose of its collection, the organisations to which the information is usually disclosed, the main consequences if the information is not provided and about rights of access to the information.

At or before the time we collect personal information from you we will take reasonable steps to inform you why we are collecting that personal information, who else we might disclose that personal information to, and what will happen if you do not provide personal information to us. Once we hold personal information we will take reasonable steps to keep it accurate, secure, complete and up-todate.


Personal information concerning enrolled students will be provided to the University of Melbourne and designed authorities such as government departments, the Tuition Assurance Scheme and the ESOS Assurance Fund Manager as required.

You should be aware that others receiving this information may not have privacy policies equivalent to ours, but unless you inform us to the contrary we will assume that we do have your consent to provide such information to other selected parties.

Your personal information will only be used further when you consent to us using that information for another purpose, or where it is permitted or required by law, or where we reasonably believe it is necessary on health or public safety grounds or desirable on other grounds to use the information for another purpose.

Personal information supplied to Trinity College may be used by its staff in conducting the business of the Trinity College. Such uses include matters related to student administration, provision of services and the dissemination of information to staff, prospective and current students and remaining in contact with people who have had an affiliation with us.

Examples of instances when personal information about you may be disclosed are:

  • informing Centrelink of your enrolment details if you are in receipt of payments;
  • releasing statistical information to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC);
  • releasing statistical information to the the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR);
  • releasing statistical information to the Office of Training and Tertiary Education;
  • informing the Australian Taxation Office of your taxation liabilities;
  • check aspects of your immigration status in Australia through DIAC's Verification of Evisa Online (VEVO);
  • assisting the police with personal information about you if you are alleged to have been involved in a criminal offence; and
  • publishing names, news and photos of alumni and friends of the College.


If you ask, we will tell you what personal information we hold about you, and what we do with it. We will facilitate access to you by allowing an inspection of your personal information in person, or by providing copies or a summary of relevant documents, depending on what is most appropriate in the circumstances, following receipt of your request. Any charge we make for providing access will be reasonable.

If you can show that the personal information is inaccurate, we will take reasonable steps to correct it. Note that we need not provide access to personal information in several types of situations, for example where a request is frivolous, or where to provide access would pose a threat to health or public safety, unreasonably interfere with another person's privacy, or be a breach of the law. If we refuse access we will advise you of our reasons for doing so.


The College holds personal information in electronic and paper-based records.

We take all reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information it holds is accurate and complete and that it is protected from misuse and loss, and to destroy or permanently de-identify personal information we no longer need.


We will not adopt as our own any identifiers that you may provide to us, such as TFNs or Medicare numbers, unless the assignment of identifiers is necessary to enable us to carry out any of our functions efficiently.


Wherever it is lawful and practicable, individuals have the option of not identifying themselves when contacting us.  The nature of the business carried on by us means that, generally, it is not possible for us to provide services to student or staff members in an anonymous way.


From time to time, we may need to send information outside of Victoria where it is necessary to do so, for example, where a student has a parent who lives overseas. 

If we transfer personal information outside of Victoria, we will comply with the relevant requirements of those Information Privacy Principles that relate to transborder data flows outside Victoria.


We are committed to providing to the Trinity College community and to other parties whose personal information we hold, a fair and responsible system for the handling of their complaints.

If at any time you have any complaints in relation to privacy, please contact our Privacy Officer via the details below. We will seek to address any concerns that you have through our complaints handling processes, but if you wish to take matters further you may refer your concerns to the Office of the Victorian Privacy Commissioner. 


We may change this Statement from time to time without prior notice.


If you wish to seek any further information about this statement, please contact our Privacy Officer:

The Executive Officer
Trinity College and Trinity College Foundation
Royal Parade, Parkville, Victoria 3052
Telephone: +61 3 9348 7100
Facsimile: +61 3 9348 7610


Further information on privacy may be obtained by visiting the web site of the Office of the Victorian Privacy Commissioner at