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The Trinity Certificate

Trinity College Theological School is committed to promoting theological education and training in parishes and faith centres in metropolitan and regional Australia.

The Trinity Certificate in Theology and Ministry is designed to equip people to reflect on their faith, ministry and discipleship in the context of their everyday lives.

There are six study units in the course. Units are conducted in small workshop groups facilitated by a qualified tutor. The Theological School awards the Certificate in Theology and Ministry to students who complete the six units of study.

To date, more than 1,000 people in the dioceses of North Queensland, Brisbane, Sydney, Bathurst, Wangaratta, Bendigo, Ballarat, Melbourne and New Zealand have completed one or more of these units towards the Trinity Certificate.

Certificate in Theology and Ministry Units

  1. Experiencing Christian Faith: Examines eight Christian faith experiences, including singing, praying, using the Bible and discipleship

  2. User’s Guide to the Old Testament: Explores the ways in which stories from the past can help us to understand more about living in the contemporary world

  3. User’s Guide to the New Testament: Overviews New Testament writings, including their background in history and geography

  4. The Anglican Church – Our Story: Explores the story of the Anglican Church from its beginnings in the British Isles, to the Church of England and to present-day Australia

  5. Confessing our Faith: Assists students to state their own faith

  6. Serving Christ Today: Addresses the fundamental question of how we are called to live today as disciples of Jesus Christ, in our lifestyle, mission, stewardship and calling.

Each unit in the Certificate course involves 16 to 20 class workshop hours, and requires a similar period of preparation time. Students or groups may also take individual units of particular interest.

To complete each unit, students must attend and participate in 80 per cent of classes, and complete projects (essays, journals, or creative work such as art or poetry) equivalent to an essay of 1,200–1,500 words. 

Who should take this course?

The Certificate course is ideal for anybody who wishes to learn about and deepen their faith. Current students include:

  • Christians wishing to explore issues of faith and church
  • people involved in worship and music ministries
  • retirees who wish to study in new leisure time 
  • people testing their vocation
  • members of parish pastoral teams
  • people engaged in Church agencies and welfare organisations.

Certificate course costs

Each participant pays $60 per unit (including GST). This covers the price of the workbook for each unit.

Contact information

Please email the Certificate Co-ordinator for more information.

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