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Course Information

The Trinity College Foundation Studies curriculum is specifically designed to give students the foundation for success at the best Australian universities.

FS Curriculum

A Unique Curriculum

Trinity College Foundation Studies (TCFS) academics assist students to choose a combination of subjects that keeps their options open for entry to a variety of university courses in Australia. Trinity students are not streamed into specific study areas but can pursue a number of different academic objectives.

Every TCFS subject is supervised by leading academics at the University of Melbourne who ensure that all subjects are of high quality, relevant and challenging.

Students receive an individual timetable of lectures, tutorials and laboratory work that introduces them to the style of teaching and academic life they will encounter at university in Australia. Students attend lectures and then meet in smaller tutorial groups of about 15 students to discuss the issues or topics raised in the lectures.

A unique aspect of Trinity College Foundation Studies is the core curriculum, which is designed specifically to develop intellectual breadth.

TCFS students study five subjects – two compulsory core subjects (English, History of Ideas) plus three elective subjects

*no prior knowledge of the subject required

Core Subjects


  • English Literature

  • Drama

  • English for Academic Purposes

History of Ideas

More information about core subjects 

Elective Subjects

Students study three elective subjects from the following selection:

  • Accounting
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Economics
  • Environments & Development
  • Mathematics 1
  • Mathematics 2
  • Media & Communications
  • Music (Practical)
  • Physics 
  • Psychology

Students selecting Mathematics 2 must also select Mathematics 1. Availability of electives may be subject to student numbers in smaller intakes. Prerequisite subjects will always be offered.

More information about Foundation Studies elective subjects.

Assessment and reporting

All subjects are assessed through a combination of class attendance and participation, assignments, examinations, tests, practical reports, essays, presentations, class work, group work. Assessment methods may vary from subject-to-subject and year-to-year.

Interim and end-of-term reports, including student attendance records, are issued to all students and made available online to parents or guardians. Parents can follow their child’s activities and progress by logging on to the Foundation Studies portal for parents.