Values | Trinity College - The University of Melbourne


Trinity provides transforming educational experiences for talented students from diverse backgrounds.

Our Vision

To provide a world-class collegiate education.

Our Values


The College seeks to exemplify in its activities, and to foster in its members, the highest possible levels of achievement in academic and all other areas of endeavour. It welcomes staff and students who are committed to producing their own and each other's best, and aims to provide facilities proper to that goal, in a culturally and aesthetically rich setting.


Trinity embraces the ancient collegiate tradition of university education in a new and changing environment. In all its programs – residential and non-residential – it offers an experience of education in community. Its students, teachers and other staff are colleagues who benefit from each other's experiences, and exercise responsibility for each other’s learning and welfare. Its members include the alumni to whom the College looks for support and in whom it sees the best evidence of its success.


As an Australian Anglican institution, the College takes its specific physical, social and religious locations as a starting point for engaging with students and scholars of different faiths, nationalities and cultural traditions. It seeks to welcome those who will contribute most to, and benefit most from, its life and activities, believing that all are enhanced by a rich experience of diversity

Code of Conduct for Students and Staff

The expectations of students and staff are contained in formal Codes of Conduct – one for students and one for staff – which all students and staff are expected to be familiar with. Read more