Baptisms | Trinity College - The University of Melbourne


The Chaplains of the College welcome enquiries regarding the baptism of infants, children and adults alike.

Because of its corporate and communal nature, the Anglican Church of Australia is concerned that this important ceremony and rite of passage be conducted in the context of the worshipping life of a particular faith community.

Careful attention must be given to preparation for baptism, so that all involved – candidates, parents, godparents and the local church – can participate fully and with integrity. For this reason, requests for 'private' baptism in the Trinity College Chapel, outside of the regular pattern of congregational worship, will usually be referred to the applicant's local parish.

What happens next?

Please email the Chaplaincy team. The College holds a special service of Baptism and Confirmation each year, which you are welcome to be a part of.

If, on reflection, you feel that the Trinity College Chapel might not be the most suitable place for you to receive and respond to God's gift in baptism, we strongly encourage you to make contact with your local parish church, and will be pleased to assist you in doing so.